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This is the previous owner, Jessica.

Jessica, in her JFein Designs days of glory!

Born, raised and residing on a small island in the San Francisco Bay Area, Vivianesque Young has honorably received the torch in August 2015 from Jessica Feinsmith to carry on J.Fein Designs and Vivee Style (est. 2008) creative souls in love with fashion, art and beauty.

Vivianesque’s artistic expression has long been given outlet in a variety of media, including multiple forms of collage, creative memoir, photography, artistic education and mosaic. Her fascination with jewelry was born in childhood, playing in her mother’s jewelry box and sewing boutique, the I-Magnin fashion designer, Lisa Young, alongside her Alameda island of style and gracious living 1960’s bungalow, amongst gemstones, costume jewelry, fibers, threads and surrounded by creative genius.

Inspired by her travels, nature, and the past, Vivianesque finds her chance to give second life to few-of-a-kind and one-of-a-kind vintage treasures. Her unique Urban-Organic style combines sustainably grown wood with distinctive vintage heirlooms for an eco-friendly line of stylish and cherished accessories creating chic and energetic statements.